How the Discover Kauai Travel Guides Helped me Plan 100 Percent Experiences Across the Island

How the Discover Kauai Travel Guides Helped me Plan 100 Percent Experiences Across the Island

Hi, its @breona.graper with 100PercentDay, a lifestyle blog dedicated to pursuing 100 percent experiences through travel, adventure, and wellness.  I wanted to share my first-hand experience on how the Discover Kauai Travel Guides solely helped shaped my vacation into one continuous thread of unforgettable memories and adventures.

When I first got my wedding invitation in the mail for a beautiful Kauai destination wedding I was beaming with excitement.  I had heard several times that Kauai was the most stunning of all the islands and I intended to seek out every ounce of this reputation.  My first step in my quest to pursue 100 percent experiences across Kauai was to organize and RESEARCH.   I was looking for a resource that had local knowledge of the best places to eat, swim, snorkel, photograph, adventure, and vacation in Kauai.  That’s where Discover Kauai came in.

The Eastside and North Shore travel guides instantaneously became my one-stop resource filled with insider’s tips and itinerary options that would help frame my vacation.

In eight days I likely covered more ground than a visitor would consider in three weeks, but in typical 100PercentDay fashion, I wanted to maximize every day through adventure, nature and some excellent eats.

What I liked most about the travel guides were the way the information was organized.  The guides include itineraries along with descriptions for each listed activity.  In addition, there are direct map links embedded online.  Furthermore, there are colorful pictures of each recommended location to help excite you.

Discover Kauai Travel Guide Benefits:

Beaches on Beaches on Beaches


Kauai’s beaches have been voted some of the best on the planet.  Long stretches of white sand meets turquoise water meets dramatic cliffs and Nā Pali coastline.  The best beaches are listed in the Discover Kauai Travel Guides.  The guides make it really easy to identify which beach you should visit by using symbols to denote snorkeling, swimming and surfing opportunities.  Make sure to reference the guides for clear driving and parking directions as many are difficult to find without the right coordinates and instructions.

Discounted Treats and Eats

A HUGE benefit the guides are the discount codes provided for some of the best eateries on the island.  Whether you fancy shaved ice or a Hawaiian style burger, you will find plenty of highly recommended places to stop and indulge at a lower price!

Chasing Waterfalls

I believe I saw five waterfalls in my first three days on the island.  All of this was possible with the helpful directions and overview of the waterfalls in both the North and Eastside travel guides.

Adventurous Pursuits

As much as 90% of Kauai’s scenery is inaccessible by car or hiking; therefore, it is crucial to take a helicopter tour or boat tour.  Discover Kauai Travel Guides can help even the most active adventurers find invigorating activities from hiking and boating to helicopters and zip lining.

Sunsets and Star Gazing

Photographers rejoice!  The Discover Kauai Travel Guides dedicated a section on where to find the best stargazing spots.  Helpful hint...many of these places also offer an incredible sunset.

If you are planning a trip to Kauai I would first recommend downloading the Discover Kauai Travel Guides.   I exclusively used the guides to map my itinerary and adventures, and they provided me all the resources I needed to create 100 percent experiences across the island.  

Enjoy and Mahalo!

Breona Graper